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from the publisher: refresh, renew, restore

from the publisher: refresh, renew, restore

From foods to farms, faith to families, getting back to basics and building on our past give us a greater understanding of what we want our future to hold. Welcome to the 15th edition of Carpinteria Magazine. Our theme this issue: Refresh, Renew, Restore.

Start turning pages and meet two entrepreneurs who have joined forces —combining toys and books in one location — and are rejuvenating the excitement for patronizing Carpinteria’s “small box” stores. On Maple Avenue, another business owner renews clothing and accessories in the sunroom of the landmark Castro House. Across the street, an artist has repurposed his grandfather’s plumbing workshop into a gallery, and a little farther down Maple, two brothers are renovating architectural elements into new home furnishings.

Dig deeper into this issue and meet three Dutch immigrants who reinvented themselves on the Valley’s fertile soil and managed to revolutionize the flower growing industry. Drive into a downtown garage that opened in 1933 and continues to thrive in reviving Carpinteria’s autos and engines. Our Q&A profiles a pastor renewing faith and bringing his congregation closer through life’s relatable experiences. A beach shack demolished in the name of progress rebuilds, sporting triumphs are rewarded, and a publishing company turns the tables on itself to report on its Carpinteria-centered publications – those are some of the stories in the pages ahead.

Grab a bite to eat where everyone knows your name, and most likely your order, too. Our restaurant feature has been a Carpinteria favorite since 1965. Also, behold a new batch of entrepreneurs in their micro labs, cottage kitchens, and small farms making “artisanal food” – locavore fare is alive and growing in the Valley. Lastly, take in the eye-popping photos and look at our town through the refocused lenses of local photographers.

We all can think of a million different ways that living in the Carpinteria Valley
is so special. At the top of my list: a mighty business community, which strongly supports each other, each others’ customers, and, most certainly, Carpinteria Magazine. The best way to thank them is by patronizing them. More than ever, local businesses need the support of everyone in the Valley. Every dollar spent in Carpinteria makes a difference. Please resolve to do more business locally this holiday season.

Now, enjoy this issue of Carpinteria Magazine. I know you’ll find yourself
“refreshed, renewed, and restored” after reading it. After all, it was written, photographed, and produced by Carpinterians, about Carpinterians, for Carpinterians.

Thank you for your support. Keep a look out for the next issue in May 2014.

––Michael VanStry, Publisher